Abstract: Genome Sequencing is the way of figuring out the sequence of genome.The genome sequence will represent a valuable shortcut, helping scientists find genes much more easily and quickly. A genome sequence contains some clues about where genes are, even though scientists are just learning to interpret these clues.Scientists also hope that being able to study the entire genome sequence will help them understand how the genome as a whole works—how genes work together to direct the growth, development and maintenance of an entire organism.knowing the entire genome sequence will help scientists study the parts of the genome outside the genes.Java is a simple robust,effective programming language which has been used by many programers,industries,developers all over the world.Using the platform independent nature of java we can develop various applications according to the specification given by the user in an efficient manner.our idea is to use the java features to predict the genome sequence of various individuals.With the help of various genome sequences copied from EBI and NCBI the given input sequence is examined and figured out.

Keywords: Genome Sequence, Platform Independent, Java Feautures, Platform Independent, Javafeauture.