Abstract: The amazing advancement of the cell phone has really refreshed the minds of the people, it helps for communication, multitask, transactions etc. Battery life of cellular phone is dependably been an issue for producers. Individuals are grumbling about their versatile battery life, that they donít have long battery life and they need to charge their phones. Cell phone charger can serve an important purpose to cell phone because it is used as the source of emergency power. Recharging of the battery in mobile phone seems to be complicated task. In this paper we would like to explain the prototype for charging the mobile phone using microwave wireless communication. It is the way of charging a device using microwave signals which can eliminate the use of cables, power adapter, etc. The prototype is a first or preliminary version of a device from which other forms are developed. The microwave signal is transmitted from transmitter along with message signal using slotted waveguide antenna at frequency 2.45ghz .The charging is done by receiving signal with help of rectenna in phone then passes to microwave power transfer system(MPT). A rectenna is rectifying antenna that is used for converting electromagnetic energy to direct current (DC). Microwave power transfer (MPT) system transfer dc current into mobile phone as charge signal by using ATMEL microcontroller. Charging is done automatically, when call connected in your mobile phone and has we talk in the mobile phone.

Keywords: Rectenna, Wireless Charging, Microwave Power Transfer, Atmel Microcontroller.