Abstract: In modern house concepts, an integrating home automation system is now becoming a trend. This paper proposes a remote controlled automation system for the automation of home/industrial appliances. The prototype is composed of a remote section(transmitting) and a local section(receiving) each with a telephone/mobile. DTMF signalling, which is the standard dialling technique for telephone/mobile systems is used to transmit the signals to the local section from remote section. DTMF decoder at the local section decodes the DTMF signals and produces decoded output to the AVR-ATMega16A Microcontroller unit (Brain of the system) for further dedicated actions programmed in it and accordingly the Relay Logic circuit switch the appliances ON/OFF. With this prototype one can wirelessly automate home/industrial appliances and save electrical energy as well as labour, from far away locations. By monitoring and automating with this prototype one can also improve quality, accuracy and precision.

Keywords: AVR-ATMega16A Microcontroller, DTMF Signalling Tones, DTMF Decoder, Relay, Home Automation.