Abstract: The high temperature superconductivity has a massive potential for technological use since its discovery. But the mechanism of high temperature superconductivity still remains hard to define; a lot of development has been made resulting in a major reduction in the number of proposed mechanisms under consideration. At present, electron phonon interaction or spin ?uctuations are considered to be principal of the mechanism of high temperature superconductivity. While the transition temperature has not been improved over the last few years and we are unable to see room temperature superconductivity in near future, but many of the technological applications are still in use and being constantly improved. New materials with a better possibilities are also being discovered. This paper attempts to explain the progress made till know and shed light on the challenges of understanding the working of superconductors and achieving room temperature superconductivity.

Keywords: Superconductivity, HTSC (High Temperature Superconductivity), Critical Temperature (TC), Cuprates.