Abstract: Recent advances in distributed computing, embedded systems, communication, and sensor technology are pushing the development of many new applications. This trend is especially evident in pervasive Real-time functionality in life critical situations. Current high-performance embedded cameras combine video sensing, video processing, and communication within a single device, distributed data processing with load balancing provides local safety measures if system fails and data replication across several physical systems provides Capability to continue work even if several systems fail and also resume with previous settings and data on restart and Watchdog functionality. In this paper we focused these issues and developed intelligent embedded system modules which are distributed, well organized and modeled into an intelligent system architecture to control real-time traffic system, in this each module requests data from system as input, processes it independently and provides data as output, this offers data gathering from sensors Actuating external actuators Data processing Service (logging etc.),Vehicle detection in video using Number plate location in video ,Car detection using microphone arrays, magnetic sensors and other sensors and Merging data for complex vehicle detection, calling emergency services, Controlling traffic lights.

Keywords: embedded cameras, data replication, watch dog, vehicle detection, sensors, actuators.