Abstract: The objective of this paper is to watch pollution on roads and track a vehicle that causes pollution, to unravel this downside, several countries and regions have already bestowed a series of emissions standards, meantime some ways has been developed, as well as update motor engine or up the standard of the gasoline. However, these actions have not caused hanging impact, as we tend to expect. During this system, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology as an inexpensive and mature wireless communication methodology is adopted to gather and transmit emissions data of vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) concept is proposed. Moreover, The RFID devices have to be put in on the traffic lights so reliable reading of emissions signals from a vehicle may be interrogated once the vehicles stop ahead of the red light .By applying the system; it is possible to smoothly realize green traffic network.

Keywords: Inspection system design, Internet of Things, Radio Frequency Identification, General Packet Radio System.