Abstract: The IoT based Smart and Multi-Functional Energy meter is designed to send actual enrgy consumption date of the consumer to the server of the electricity office with the help of Zigbee technology .This data is stored on the database where different parameters are observed such as tampering of meter. We are using zigbee module at the transmitter side and receiver side. Data is stored on the local database with the help of serial port of the computer. Remote connection and disconnection can be done from the electricity office side. External tampering of meter can also be prevented. In this process, there should not be any unwanted interference from the external attackers. Different types of attacks can be possible such as DoS attack. The aim of this paper to discuss various security issues for transmitting consumption data whose integrity is very important for both consumer as well as for electricity board.

Keywords: Zigbee, IoT, Denial of Service (DoS) etc.