Abstract: This research paper proposes the implementation of a system which can convert sign language to voice by which mute people can easily communicate through the internet. The system follows American Sign Language standard (ASL). The variations in manual features are sensed by the microcontroller and send to the cloud storage along with real time video, which is recognized at the receiver side PC where it is translated to speech. One of the major challenges for people with hearing impairment is their fettered communication with the outside world. Limited access to technology owing to their inability to communicate has a significant impact on their life. Research is being done on several aspects to enhance their communication with the external world, of which, one is ‘The Gesture Vocalizer’ that works precisely on hand movement where different languages can be installed. This system conjointly offers high reliability and fast response.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, ASL, Flex Sensor, ATmega328, LCD.