Abstract: This research paper proposes the implementation of a system which can help the amputee torestore the utility of the lost limb by receiving electrical signal from the residual limb. Prosthetic devices substitute a missing or defective part of the body. Prosthetic devices have the ability to restore some mobility and functionality to the wearer. These can range from oral prostheses to limb prostheses. Limbs are often lost through trauma disease or a congenital disorder. Once the limb is removed, it can be very hard to resume to a normal life. Prosthetic limbs help give the amputee some sort of mobility that they would not have had without the device.A number of factors must be considered when selecting the right foot/feet for your lifestyle. These factors include amputation level, age, weight, foot size, activity level, goals and occupational needs. The focus of our research is to design a low-cost lower limb prosthetic, capable of knee movement in response to electrical signals from the residual limb.

Keywords: ATmega328, Arduino Promini 328, EMG sensor.