Abstract: In present scenario, the use of non-conventional energy resources and non-linear loads in to the electric grid is been increasing and it has a adverse effect on power quality issues and also energy management. As a result there will be increase in harmonic distortion, frequent switching of load and hence the flicker formation. Power quality plays a major role in smart grid design and operation. The major reason behind this is, active participation of consumers in the power sector and increased usage of non-conventional energy resources in to the smart grid. This power grid must necessarily overcome the power quality challenges, So as to avoid barriers against introduction of new technology. This paper overviews the power quality problems and presents the controlling scheme using SPWM inverters and Shunt active power filters (APF) in order to enhance power quality in the smart grid. The Simulation is carried out using MATLAB simulink.

Keywords: Sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM), harmonic distortion, flicker, power quality, Active power filter (APF).