Abstract: River navigation is the oldest means of transportation devised by humans. In inland waterways and in coastal protected areas even small boats have major role in transportation. The design proposal presented here is aimed at the implementation of ‘an advanced safety enhancement and real time tracking system for boats which utilizes the latest tracking and safety features possible with today’s electronics. The entering of the persons to boat is restricted with the maximum number of person. If the maximum number is exceeded, then the engine will not start. Also the engine can start only by an authorized person for which a finger print authentication module is used. Using an RFID reader, we will make sure availability of sufficient life jackets. If the boat crosses the border then driver will be alerted by the GSM module. If any obstacles are near the boat, then the alarm signal will warn. In critical situations like high water levels caused by unwanted turbulence/tilt or other issues, number of passengers, a critical message will be sent to the control centre along with the boat location information. Using GSM, information is send to the control room at definite intervals of time. Or the driver itself could send emergency information by pressing an emergency switch. It also uses two interconnected water tanks which will be used to balance the structure whenever a deviation to a particular side will be detected. Boat tilting is identified by using MEMS accelerometer.

Keywords: IR, RFID, GPS, GSM, MEMS.