Abstract: The serious environmental pollution caused by internal combustion engines, together with the depletion of fossil fuels, has motivated global interest in eco-friendly energy. Notably, electric vehicle technology has been developed to reduce the use of fossil fuels in vehicles, which are the main fossil fuel consumers. As a result, hybrid electric vehicles that use both a combustion engine and an electric engine have already been widely commercialized. However, all-electric vehicles, such as plug-in electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles, are distributed narrowly at present owing to some battery-related drawbacks such as large size, heavy weight, high price, long charging time, and short driving range. These problems are not easily solved by current battery technology. In an effort to address battery problems, the concept of roadway-powered electric vehicles has been proposed. With this system, the electric vehicle is charged on the road by wireless power charging, and the battery can hence be downsized and no waiting time for charging is needed.

Keywords: Wireless Power Transfer System, Electric Vehicle, PWM, Magnetic Resonance.