Abstract: The potential ability of Global Positioning System (GPS) to assist navigating and tracking application facilitates in determining precise object positioning on earth. In order to efficiently execute tracking operation, GPS is dependent on various parameters. All the information gathered is then analyzed to accurately track the object in real-time. This paper deals with the comprehensive study of GPS, LBS and cloud integration. A location-based service (LBS) is a software level service that gives the precise information about the location to be tracked. In the proposed system the database is been stored on the cloud. The large database is been handled efficiently with the help of cloud integration techniques. The system uses various cloud services for the effective working for large database. Various queries are been evaluated for accessing the database.The user end implementations of location measurement processing algorithms are discussed. The real time position tracking system for the android applications are been used. Furthermore, the system will be proposed with end outcomes in the forms of graphs, text messages.

Keywords: Global Positioning System (GPS), Graphical user interfaces (GUI), Location Based Services (LBS).