Abstract: This paper aims to design the VCC system which makes possible for operating home appliances through the Android mobile phone. The controlling of home AC appliances/loads such as lamp, fan, mixer, television, is carried out wirelessly through the application of Bluetooth voice connectivityin android phone by using Bluetooth feature technology present in any smart phone. In this paper, the android phone is used as voice based remote control for controlling the electrical appliances. This system is mainly designed to help the people who are aged and disabled so that they can control all their home appliances through voice commands or by giving a voice messages. There is no need of any attender or any people around for their help. This design acquires two commands as ON/OFF for controlling of home load appliances and to detect Fault at the load .Fault occurs when power supply cuts down for the particular load or when it exceeds the limit of the given load capacity. There are major various wireless technologies which are used to design this system such as Wavenis, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee. Bluetooth is used due to low power consumption and itís a low cost transceiver.

Keywords: Android smart phone, Bluetooth, voice messages, Current Transformer, home loads.