Abstract: As technologies grow up, the consumption of electricity goes on increasing in such way that the demand is more than that of supply. Nowadays electricity is mainly obtained by burning fossil fuels. So, environment pollution reaches its peak level due to release of environmental pollutant gases such as CO2, CO etc. The solution for this is, use of renewable sources of energies such as solar and wind energy instead of fossil fuels. But problem with use of these energies, they are not uniform all the time. So in order to store these energies when availability is more the concept of battery came to existence. Vanadium redox flow battery is also a very good promising battery technology which can stores energy in most efficient way. This paper explains the history, constructional details and working principle of the vanadium redox flow battery. This will also deals about various losses such as power loss due to resistance, pump power loss and chemical power loss occurs in vanadium redox flow battery. The simulations are carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK tool.

Keywords: Vanadium redox flow battery, Redox, half-cell, Oxidation state.