Abstract: A unique transformer-less variable voltage quadruple interleaved boost converter with extremehigh-voltage transfer gain and decreased semiconductor voltage stress is featured. The proposed topology uses input-parallel output-series pattern for giving a much higher voltage gain excluding implemention of very large duty cycle. The projected converter not only be able to achieve high maximise voltage gain with lowered element count but also lessen the voltage stress of each active switches and diodes. So this makes one to opt lower voltage rating MOSFETs and diodes for minimising both switching and conduction losses. Along with, due to the charger of the blocking capacitor, the converter highlights spontaneous uniform current sharing characteristics of two interleaved phase for voltage boosting mode rather than adding an additional circuitry or complex control techniques. The operative principle and steady analysis as well as a comparison with other latest existing high boost topologies are showed. At last simulation results isshown to exhibit the effectiveness of the proposed converter.

Keywords: Automatic uniform current sharing, high boostconverter, low voltage stress, transformer-less, voltage quadrupler.