Abstract: The Voltage source converter(VSC) based series voltage compensator can inject a voltage in series with the transmission line. The component of injected voltage which is in quadrature with the line current emulates reactance. In this paper it is shown that the voltage at the receiving end is maintained constant by connecting Static Synchronous Series Compensator(SSSC) in series with the transmission line. If the receiving end voltage rises beyond the set voltage, the SSSC acts in inductive region by injecting voltage to lead the line current by 90 and the receiving end voltage is brought back to the set voltage. Similarly if the receiving end voltage reduces due to overloading it is brought back to the nominal voltage by making the SSSC to act in capacitive region by injecting voltage which lags the line current by 90.The simulation results show the effectiveness of reactance emulation of SSSC to regulate the receiving end voltage and thereby enhances the voltage regulation.

Keywords: FACTS, SSSC, VSC,voltage regulation.