Abstract: This paper we have created on SCADA framework for observing and getting to the execution of gadget parameters, for example, voltage, temperature, frequency and current on continuously. These real time values send to GPRS technology using GPRS modem. We can secure the electrical circuitry utilizing the electromagnetic relay. Relay get initiated if any values of voltage , temperature, frequency, current cross the limit of predefined value. Relay is used as circuit breaker to switch off the main electrical supply. This system automatically sends the values of parameters periodically into predefined website. We can monitor and control the parameters on the internet. Central heart of this project is microcontroller. This microcontroller communicates with sensors and also provided some internal memory to hold the code. Here programmed using embedded C language. The appropriately composed SCADA system spares cash and time by disposing of the administration individual to visit every site for review, logging or information gathering or make alterations.

Keywords: SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), SMS, sensors, GPRS, Remote monitoring system, microcontroller, GSM.