Abstract: Fetal Electrocardiogram Extraction identifies the congenital heart problems at the earlier stage. One of the method for extracting fetal ECG is by using Noninvasive method but the noise and interference associate with the signal is more. So integrated approach for fetal heart beat detection from abdominal ECG signals is used. The signal is first processed by the first-order difference operation which remove the different types of noise in the signal, and then, the envelope of the differentiated signal is given by the Hilbert transform, which indicates both the maternal and fetal heart beats. After that, the non-linear state-space projections is applied to the envelope signal to remove the maternal heart beats, obtaining the fetal heart beats envelope. The validity and performance of the described method done by calculating SNR, MSE values and comparing with previous technique shows the proposed method provide better result. The Database for the ECG signal is taken from the Physionet Website[17].

Keywords: difference operation; Hilbert transform; NSSP; SNR; MSE.