Abstract: Multiphase (?3Ø) systems are greatly under research recently due to their inherent advantages compared to their three-phase (3Ø) counterparts. The Multiphase system applicability is explored in electric power generation, transmission, and utilization. The first multiphase motor drive proposal was given by Ward and Harrer way back in 1969.The grid supply is available as three phase supply, hence there is a static phase transformation system required to obtain a multiphase supply from the available three-phase supply. Multiphase Inverters and Special Transformer connection Technique are two methods used to convert Three-phase supply to Five-phase supply. In this paper three to five phase transformation using special multi-winding transformer connection scheme is presented. Three single phase Multiwinding transformers are designed, two transformers having one primary and three secondary windings and the third transformer has one primary and two secondary windings. The proposed transformer connection has three phase input and outputs five phases to transform balanced fixed voltage-fixed frequency three phase power into balanced fixed voltage-fixed frequency five phase power at its output. The special connection scheme of multi-winding transformers is simulated by using „SIMPOWERSYSTEMS? block sets of MATLAB/SIMULINK software.

Keywords: five phase (5Ø), multiphase, three phase (3Ø), transformer, Turn ratio, Higher Phase Order (HPO).