Abstract: The electrical activity of the fetus heart is basically the fetal electrocardiogram.FECG is a weak signal which is measured indirectly by placing the electrode on the surface abdomen of the mother. The Fetal signals contains many other interfering signal. Extraction of the fetal ECG parameters from the abdominal signal has an important value in clinical application and also enables continuous monitoring of the fetus status by means of analysing its cardiac activity. This paper proposes a non-invasive method for the FECG extraction by using a template for the cancellation of maternal QRS complex. The final results specify that the fetal R peaks can be easily detected under various circumstances without using the reference maternal thoracic signal.

Keywords: FECG (fetal electrocardiogram), FHR (fetal heart rate), MECG (maternal electrocardiogram),AECG (abdominal electrocardiogram),SNR(signal to noise ratio).