Abstract: Energy is an exertion of power. It can be obtained from different sources such as oil, coal, coke, electricity, gas etc. Other sources of energy are also present in nature in the form of solar energy, wind energy etc. The primary sources of energy for steel manufacturing include coke, electricity, furnace oil, LDO and by-products. Total electricity required for the plant is sourced from the grid only. Coke is being used as main fuel and also its various by-products are being produced in various processes. These by-products are also being used as fuel as per requirement in various areas of the plant. Diesel is used for DG sets and Rail locomotives. As one unit saved is two units generated, conservation of energy is very essential because VISL is one of the energy intensive industries. Many units are working with old technology and monitoring facility is less. With the new developments in the recent years, there is enormous scope for reducing the specific energy consumption. This paper describes the production process and energy saving opportunities in a plant at various sections.

Keywords: Vishveshwarayya iron and steel plant, Ladle refining furnace, New receiving station, Variable voltage variable frequency drive,Steel making shop.