Abstract: In current power system many components are lead to the loss of energy without notice. One such appliance is street lamps or highway lamps which burn throughout night with high intensity. This can increase the consumption of fuel without use. Hence, saving of power though such loads will gives the positive impact on power system economics by saving the fuel. In this paper, a power saving mechanism has developed and presented through hardware implementation for street lamp. It consists of infrared sensor, transformers, passive rectifier, pulse width modulation strategy, photodiodes along with controller. The presented hardware is tested in laboratory and its performance is obtained by two ways. One is the intensity of lamp is minimized and second the lamps are completely switched off when there is no objects comes in between.

Keywords: Sensors, IR LED, LED, HID Lamps, Microcontroller, Transformer, Voltage Regulator, Rectifier, Photodiodes, Resistors, Capacitors.