Abstract: Energy is the main concern of every one as the conventional sources of energy are depleting and there is a notable growth in the industrial and domestic loads. To bridge this gap there is an immediate need to explore all possible avenues to generate energy and conserve energy. A lot of interest has been generated in the conduct of energy audits as a means to achieve energy conservation. With the advent of energy crisis and exponential hikes in the cost of different forms of energy, energy audit is manifesting its due importance in various sectors. Dairy industry uses electrical energy and thermal energy as main energy source. The total cost of energy plays a vital role in determining the product cost of a commodity. Therefore the identification of potential energy savings and implementation for a given industrial facility is important to ensure its competitive advantage over other similar industries. This paper presents such energy saving methods in a methodological approach, experienced during a preliminary energy audit of a large scale industry. The energy consumption and savings assessed in term of equipments used and its functional purpose. Investing to improve the energy efficiency of a dairy industry provides an immediate and relatively predictable cash flow resulting from lower energy bills.

Keywords: Energy sources, audit, consumption and conservation.