Abstract: In India, as there is great demand for solar energy, it is must for us to switch towards that natural energy to avoid the energy crisis. In India already the implementation of solar metering is started which has two categories, one is Gross Metering and other is Net Metering This paper includes simulation of a Net Meter to which an owner and some customers are connected through Micro-Grid, to avail the benefit. This paper also includes the Micro-grid in such a way that, it is not connected to the Macro-Grid, instead it is only meant for the owner and some customers, where we can call it as Private Micro-Grid. Whenever the grid failure happens the extra generated energy will be sent through the Micro-Grid that reaches to the customers. The Net Meter connected to it, will not only calculates the power from and to the Macro-grid, it also computes the power to the Micro-grid and the respective incentives to be paid from and to the electricity board and also the incentives from customers to the owner. This simulation is carried out in MATLAB SIMULINK.

Keywords: Net Meter, Microgrid, MPPT, P&O Method, Macrogrid.