Abstract: This paper the depicts how to control the home appliances like lights, fan, and refrigerator etc and detection of abnormal activities like theft identification by using PIR sensor. If any human enters inside the home when the owner is not in the house the PIR sensor sends the signal to controller to enable camera. Camera gets enabled and captures the image and sends it to controller which is raspberry pi (ARM11). The controller attaches the captured image and sends it to the user and alternately through GSM module, SMS alert can be sent to the user mobile. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used in this. The home appliances which are connected to the controller through relays can be turn ON and turn OFF by sending the commands from user mobile. By this from anywhere we can control the loads and save the electricity. If in case there is any fire occurs, there is fire sensor which detects the fire if itís over the threshold (normal) value, it sends that information to user to take appropriate action. The result shows that from the security surveillance system it is easy to control and reliability and easy to access from anywhere with GSM network. Here GSM module is used to communicate with the user when in anytime the sensors sense the fault which is much convenient to alert to the user. It consumes less power, process is fast, less effort and easy to control the devices.

Keywords: GSM module, Sensors, Raspberry pi, PIC microcontroller, Loads.