Abstract: Space vector modulation (SVM) has advantages such as wide linear range of operation, better DC link utilization, 15% more output voltage than Sine PWM and Less harmonics content. For High Voltage application switching frequency is limited by stresses on switches. Multilevel inverter provide solution for the increase operating voltage for converter above the limits of semiconductor devices along with reduced dV/dt stress. However implementation of Three-level Space Vector Modulation involves significant increase in complexity. In this paper in effort to simplify SVM for Three-level Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) ,the Three-level VSI is synthesized using a dual Two-level inverter for open-end winding induction motor drive and is simulated in PSIM. The proposed method results in reduction in the amount of switching commutations in the dual-inverter by half. The implementation of the suggested Three-level SVM scheme neither needs any look-up tables nor sector identification for the under modulation region.

Keywords: PSIM, Dual inverter, Space Vector PWM, Open end winding induction motor, modulation index.