Abstract: This paper discusses about the three phase three wire distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) and its performance under various control algorithms. DSTATCOM is a shunt connected advanced power electronic device which provides reactive power compensation, harmonic elimination and source current balancing. It consists of a three phase IGBT inverter module, dc link capacitor, interfacing inductor and the control circuit. Various control algorithms such as Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory (IRPT), Synchronous Reference Frame Theory (SRF), Adaline-based algorithm and Back Propagation control algorithm are compared and its advantage over other are discussed. These control algorithms are used for extracting the reference current signals from the load current to generate the switching pulses for IGBTs of the VSC of the DSTATCOM. Synchronous Reference Frame Theory and Back Propagation control based DSTATCOM are simulated with MATLAB using SIMULINK for various types of loads like linear, nonlinear and unbalanced loads. Linear load used is resistive load and nonlinear load is a three phase diode bridge rectifier feeding a RL load. Simulation results demonstrate the performance of DSTATCOM under these control algorithms.

Keywords: DSTATCOM, IRP Theory, SRF Method, Adaline-based control algorithm, Back Propagation Control algorithm.