Abstract: Brain tumor is a life threatening disease and its early detection is very important to save life. The tumor region can be detected by segmentation of brain Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI). Once a brain tumor is clinically suspected, radiologic evaluation is required to determine the location, the extent of the tumor, and its relationship to the surrounding structures. This information is very important and critical in deciding between the different forms of therapy such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The segmentation must be fast and accurate for the diagnosis purpose. Manual segmentation of brain tumors from magnetic resonance images is a tedious and time-consuming task. Also the accuracy depends upon the experience of expert. Hence, the computer aided automatic segmentation has become important. MRI scanned images offer valuable information regarding brain tissues. MRI scans provide very detailed diagnostic pictures of most of the important organs and tissues in our body. It is generally painless and noninvasive. It does not produce ionizing radiation. So MRI is one of the best clinical imaging modalities. Several automated segmentation algorithms have been proposed. But still segmentation of MRI brain image remains as a challenging problem due to its complexity and there is no standard algorithm that can produce satisfactory results. The aim of this research work is to propose and implement an efficient system for tumor detection and classification. The different steps involved in this work are image pre-processing for noise removal, feature extraction, segmentation and classification. Proposed work plans to make a study on different techniques exists for each step and to propose a method well suitable to get an accurate solution.

Keywords: Tumor, Image segmentation, MRI image, image processing.