Abstract: Devices produced for security sensitive fields like military, banking or government applications often make use of integrated circuits. In these areas reliability and trust are of special importance and thus an in-depth evaluation of manufactured devices with respect to security vulnerabilities is an essential task. Most of these institutions have departments that can take care of the chip-design but they rely on third party companies to actually produce the semiconductor chips in their factories. This is a very common scenario these days, where a trend towards separation of chip-design and fabrication is clearly observable. This is due to the high costs to build and maintain state- of-the-art semiconductor factories, which only pays off when the factories are used to capacity. With outsourced chip fabrication, are security sensitive chip designs still trustworthy? Every employee of the manufacturing chain from design to package assembly might maliciously modify the hardware! Therefore there is an urgent need to employ detection techniques for so called "Trojan hardware".

Keywords: Hardware Trojan; partial reconfiguration; hardware security; Trojan triggering.