Abstract: In this research paper we examine the image and the respective information will be processing based toll collection system and how to make more efficient and perfect. On any toll both the vehicle has to stop for paying the toll. We are trying to develop a system that would pay the toll automatically and reduce the queue at the toll booth. In this system camera is used for capturing the image of the vehicle number plate. The captured image would be converted into the text using ANPR and the toll would be cut from the customerís account and then open the gate. Moreover in our system if a vehicle is stolen and an entry is being made in the central database by the police then if the vehicle passes through the toll both then silent alarm would buzz which would indicate the operator at the toll booth that the vehicle is a stolen vehicle. For the identification of the vehicles, the information of the vehicles is already stored on the central database. So captured number will be sent to the server received at the toll.

Keywords: OCR, ANPR, IPTB, One Time Password, Notification.