Abstract: To have sustainable growth and social progress, it is necessary to meet the energy need by utilizing the renewable energy sources like wind, hydro, co-generation etc. The need to integrate the Non-renewable energy and wind energy into power system is to make it possible to minimize the environmental impact on conventional plant. The integration of renewable energy into existing power system presents a technical challenges and that requires consideration of voltage regulation, stability, power quality problems. In this proposed scheme the Static compensator (STATCOM) is connected at a point of common coupling to mitigate the power quality issues in wind energy system. The project also presents a novel control strategy for achieving maximum benefits from the grid-interfacing inverter when installed in 3-phase distribution systems. The effectiveness of STATCOM scheme relives the main supply source from the reactive power demand of the load and the induction generator.

Keywords: Statcom, Total Harmonic Distortion, Matlab, UPFC & Simulink.