Abstract: Multilevel inverter has become popular in recent years for high power applications. Their major drawbacks are complexity, required more numbers of power devices and complex control circuitry. This paper proposes fuzzy logic controller based a new multilevel inverter topology using an H bridge output stage with three bidirectional auxiliary switch. In the proposed circuit configuration the inverter produces nine levels including a zero. The new topology produces a significant reduction in the number of power devices and capacitors required to implement a multilevel output when compared to the conventional MLIs. The Total Harmonic Distortions generated by multilevel inverter can greatly reduced by fuzzy logic control scheme. In this proposed work the harmonics distortion was reduced by using Fuzzy Logic Control scheme, which increases the performance of the multilevel inverter.

Keywords: H-Bridge, Multilevel inverter, Fuzzy logic, Bidirectional Switch, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)