Abstract: In order to accommodate increasing energy demand from”more electrified” domestic and vehicular applications, simultaneous use of various renewable sources are encouraged. Multiple converters are commonly adopted to process the renewable power as a distributed power system (DPS). However, due to the loose structure of DPS, reliability and load/source regulation will degrade as compared to an integrated converter system. This paper presents the concept of Multi-port Power Electronic Interface (MPEI) for renewable energy sources. With a unified converter topology and highly integrated digital control system, MPEI possesses the inherent capability of both source disturbance rejection and load dynamics regulation. MPEI identification, modeling and design are treated in a systematic manner in this paper. Power stages and digital control system will be implemented for a five-port MPEI in this paper. Experimental results will be presented to prove the feasibility of system design methodology.

Keywords: Distributed power system (DPS), Multi-port Power Electronic Interface (MPEI)