Abstract: In this paper, the system is designed for monitoring the growing status of the Maize plant continuously and updates the information to the agriculturist using ARM Microcontroller LPC2148.This project will makes ease the work of the farmer in cultivated land through the usage of different kind of sensors. The temperature sensor LM35 will find the intensity of heat present in the soil. Humidity sensor will determines the amount of water vapor present in a gas that can be a mixture, such as air, or a pure gas, such as nitrogen or argon.Water level sensor will find the water level in the corn field. The PH sensor will measure the alkalinity or acidity level in the soil. Soil pH is very important because it has such a strong influence on how well your crops will grow. Soil Moisture sensor can be used to test the moisture of soil, when the soil is having water shortage, the module output is at high level; else the output is at low level. By using this sensor one can automatically water the Maize plant by Switching ON the DC MotorAll the updates of farmland are sending to the farmer through GSM and display in the LCD screen. With this less cost and energy utilization, WSN is a hopeful method for harvesting the Maize crop and also improves the quality of the corn crop and reduces the usage of pesticides, thereby increasing the overall profits for the farmers.

Keywords: ARM Microcontroller, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), GSM, Sensors, DC Motor etc.