Abstract: All the real systems exhibits non-linear nature, conventional controllers are not always able to provide good and accurate results. Fuzzy Logic Control is used to control non linear processes and obtain better response. Type 1 Fuzzy control is traditional fuzzy controller which is prone to uncertainties. Type 2 Fuzzy control generalizes type 1 fuzzy control. Type 2 fuzzy set incorporates instances of uncertainties in its membership function. Membership Function plays very crucial role in the Fuzzification process. The values of Membership Function must be defined precisely. Membership functions allow us to graphically represent a fuzzy set. The continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) is a non linear process and the concentration maintenance is very difficult. So it is prone to uncertainties more as a result, type 2 fuzzy controller must be used. In this paper we perform comparative analysis on different membership functions used in type 1 and type 2 fuzzy controllers. The application used for the comparative analysis is CSTR and the software used is MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Keywords: CSTR, Type- 1 fuzzy Logic, Type-2 fuzzy logic.