Abstract: Now a day, because of the technological developments in power electronics industry, it is easy and more secure to operate the power system to enhance the performance. The power electronic based controllers are used to improve the power transfer capability, voltage control and the system active power losses, simply known as Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) Controllers. Based on the type of connection of the voltage source converters in a given system, it has been proved that, multi-line controllers are more powerful than that of the single line controllers. In this paper, detailed power injection model of Generalized Unified Power Flow Controller (GUPFC) is presented. The effect of this device on system parameters is analyzed by incorporating this device in NR load flow. The proposed methodology is tested on standard 9-bus and IEEE-23 bus test systems with supporting numerical and graphical results.

Keywords: Generalized Unified Power Flow Controller, PIM of UPFC, NR-load flow, Incorporation procedure.