Abstract: With rapid advancement in power semiconductor device, make it possible many to develop many applications in industrial and daily life. One of the most interested application in a broad area is the induction motor control. The aim of this paper is to implement a new control system for driving three-phase induction motor .this control system aim to enhance the performance of induction motor as well as improving the power factor at both input sides and output sides with remarkable reduction in total harmonics distortion of the supply current .the system consists of dual boost converter connected in parallel with uncontrolled rectifier for producing a dc voltage .this approach depends on the power-sharing optimization strategy to enhance the current quality, which leads to keeping power factor at the input side near unity with minimization of the total harmonics distortion (THD) of supply current . The dc voltage produced from this structure is delivered to a three-phase inverter which is controlled by space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) for driving three phase induction motor. The proposed system has been implemented using MATLAB/Simulink software package. The simulation results show promising improvement of the induction motor performance.

Keywords: Induction motors, dual boost converter, total harmonic distortion, Space vector PWM.