Abstract: LTE is the latest cellular network technology to offer universal mobile and wireless access to smart-phones and tablets. The system provides a review on uplink and downlink strategy in LTE system. There are basically two modulation techniques that are used in LTE system mainly OFDMA and SC-OFDMA. OFDMA is used in downlink and SC-OFDMA is used in uplink. The major disadvantage of OFDMA is the high PAPR (peak to average power ratio) that causes more power consumption. That is why it cannot be used in uplink because UL is power limited link. The main objective of this paper is to design optimum physical layer architecture of a high data rate LTE uplink and downlink transceiver using SCFDMA multiple access scheme to provide lesser PAPR value and avoiding packet loss by Interleaving. All simulations will be done in MATLAB tool.

Keywords: Interleaving, LTE System, SCFDMA, PAPR, Bit Error Rate.