Abstract: Examinations are a regular event in academics at schools and colleges. It is a sole responsible to Management and Staff members to conduct the Examination smooth fully without any interference. During the examination the following issues have been identified and they are Shortage of question papers, Shortfall of Answer sheet, Malpractice Identification, Staff alteration ,Student Requirement (Like Water, Graph, Tables, Data Book , etc.,,)The examiner has to depend on a man power to convey this information to Examination Cell. This process is time consuming and the studentís requirement may not be fulfilled at the right time. In order to solve the above issues a remote keypad module is given to the exam invigilator which indicate the needs of the examiner. When they press any of these keys, then a signal is sent to the Exam cell via ZigBee communication. The notification will be seen in the virtual panel in the Exam cell so the concerned person can act accordingly.

Keywords: Microcontroller, ZigBee, LCD.