Abstract: In this paper, a solution about secure provenance transmission for streaming data which is introduced based on Raspberry Pi processor, is presented. The embedded system, video capture, and video monitor are introduced. Video 4 Linux is used to get the camera video data, which is transferred to the Web Server, and the data is displayed on the client browser. The main aim of this paper is to design a system that has a USB camera, which continuously captures videos of the people then processes the captured videos via USB host to the Raspberry Pi to display it on the display device unit, and the parallel connection of Ethernet module, web page is created on the remote PC using HTTP protocol because HTTP protocol provides secure data transmission. And for more security we are creating some IP address to view the live streaming data on remote PC and when the person appears in front of camera the processor collects the information and stores temporarily in the database to check or recognize, is this person the right person to use or not. Compared with video capture system based on digital signal processor(DSP), this system has the advantage of fewer modules, lower cost, higher intelligence, higher system stability, and higher security. The design of system presented in this paper will integrate ARM11, USB cam, Remote PC, Display Monitoring unit, and Ethernet. The entire process proves continuous, and a surveillance secured system.

Keywords: Security, Raspberry Pi (ARM11), Ethernet, HTTP.