Abstract: Secure and Fast Sub-Graph search is system which is used over outsourced cloud database for search graph which are same to a queried by the client or user. Graph Data is increasing day by day, so database outsourcing is an solution to increasing graph database to the database owner. But, Cloud Database and query service Authority providers not trust or may be involved in attacks. In this paper, we propose authentication process techniques using Attribute base encryption for checking user credential either trusted or untrusted user to prevent tempering with cloud database. We propose a Fast sub graph retrieval technique using apriori algorithm .we also implement the Data deduplication to save the space on cloud using hashing generating function to avoid same data copy over cloud database. We also propose file ownership generation technique for owner of data. Our compressive results verify the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed techniques.

Keywords: Sub-Graph Similarity Search, outsourced database, Data Deduplication.