Abstract: This paper mainly consist of acquiring isolated buck-boost (IBB) converter having power conversion of single stage. This also includes IBB bridgeless interleaved boost rectifiers operating on larger frequencies. Full bridge diode rectifier is formed by combining interleaved boost converters and there is extreme reduction on the semiconductors, connection and switching losses. There are many types of boost rectifiers which are bridgeless and are operating on high frequencies. These are gathered based on various types of boost converters compromises of boost converter which is of conventional type as well as high step up boost converters with couple inductor and voltage multiplier. This paper concentrates on full bridge IBB converter with voltage multiplier completely. The voltage gain obtained during the process due to voltage multiplier helps in the reduction of voltage stress of semiconductors during rectification process. Thus efficiency is improved by a transformer with decreased ratio turns, less voltage rated MOSFETS, diodes which have good switching, conduction performances and parasitic parameters. In order to achieve buck boost conversion a strategy is applied to full bridge IBB converter called optimized phase shift modulation. Furthermore soft switching performance is achieved for all of the active switches as well as diodes under the complete operating range. A prototype of 380V output is fabricated to validate the efficiency of proposed IBB converters and its control strategies.

Keywords: IBB, interleaved boost converters, rectification, voltage multiplier, boost rectifiers.