Abstract: Due to harmful working environment and remote location of Thermal power plant sites, it is dangerous and time expensive to operate and maintenance. As the demand for power increases, increasing safety and reducing operating and maintenance cost plays a vital role in increasing the reliability of the power plant. As the Thermal power plant has to work for 24 hours and 365 days, it is not possible to monitor the parameters in site at each and every moment. So remote monitoring is also needed. This project develops a sensor network based interlock control and remote monitoring system. The system mainly consist Temperature sensor, Flow sensor, Level sensor. All the sensors data is processed using 16F882 processor. Using this system we can control the operation of Thermal power plant in auto mode and monitor the parameters in work place. Also we can communicate the sensor data to other PCs in remote locations using (WAN)Wide Area Network.

Keywords: 16F882 Processor, WAN, Monitoring and Control, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).