Abstract: This paper studies the implementation of VLSI Architecture of image compression system using wavelet transform, discrete wavelet transform is the most widely used image compression technique and it is the most efficient algorithm used in JPEG image compression. An architecture that performs both forward and inverse lifting-based discrete wavelet transform is proposed Conventional method requires more memory, area and power; lifting scheme is used as an enhanced method. Architecture of the DWT which is a powerful image compression algorithm is implemented using lifting based approach. This architecture results in reduced memory referencing¸ low power requirement¸ low latency and high throughput. The Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (IDWT) is also obtained in a similar way to get back the image matrix. The design can be used for both lossy and lossless compression. To reduce the complexities of the design, linear algebra view of DWT and IDWT has been used.

Keywords: Xilinx Tool, DWT (Discrete wavelet transform), MATLAB Tool, Lifting scheme, Image Processing.