Abstract: This system is well suited for vehicle in order to monitor status of vehicle. This system is able to track vehicle and if any fatal condition or any unusual event occur, this system is able to track that event. Mainly used in car or trucks. This entire system is mounted on vehicle. System is composed of the hardware required to capture video stream. Two video cameras are used in this system for front and rear video capturing. Both cameras are mounted either at 120 or 180 degrees of each other. The recorded video files are store on SD card based on an event trigger. When this system enters into Wi-Fi zone, system uploads all recorded files on server. Along with two video cameras, system is capable of record some sensor data. System comprises of sensors like Audio, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, GPS, Light sensor, Pressure sensor all these sensors data can also be recorded along with video. All these sensors along with two cameras are mounded on board in order to track location and if any fatal event occurs then system is able to generate that event and video is uploaded on server. The cameras also include a microphone to capture audio inside and outside the vehicle. Though the cameras are continuously recording, the system is set to save video clips only when triggered by an event. Event is triggered when gravitational forces (g-forces) on the vehicle that exceed a predetermined level. These movements are measured by an accelerometer that triggers the camera system when typical vehicle movements occur, such as sudden braking or acceleration, sharp turns. The camera system automatically saves video footage from before and after the incident. In addition, Driver can press a button to manually trigger a clip to be saved.

Keywords: Software, Firmware, Hardware, Micro Controller, SD card, Wi-Fi, GPS, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Light sensor, Pressure sensor, IR LED, Temperature sensor , Latitude, Longitude, Microphone, gravitational forces.