Abstract: This paper describes about a safety electronic system for women, built in public transport vehicles such as cars, buses and auto-rickshaws as nowadays women are being molested, kidnapped and harassed by the drivers. Hence implemented electronic system is fitted in the vehicle which has display, keypad, GPS, GSM and embedded board to control and interconnect all of the above. As journey is started passenger can enter her guardian, friend or relative mobile no, he/she is going to get all the notifications of the female passenger journey. First of all the driverís name, mobile number, vehicle registration number and the secure pin generated by passenger is sent by SMS to the concern person of passenger . We can also add destination region even though if the concerned person does not check the updates, then also it would be useful in investigation, if any mishappening occurs. Passenger may always not get down at destination decided , she may get down little early or little further depending on various factors, hence an option to terminate journey is also provided called as end of journey which is executed and validated using secure pin, which driver will not be aware of . This system uses serial EEPROM to store various locations of cities and hence new locations can be added and thus project will work in any city because locations are not hardcoded in the code but it is external to code.

Keywords: Safety System, GPS, GSM, Embedded System.