Abstract: The paper describes the design and implementation of pick and place arm Robot and its movement Control by realization of the mobile application for the Android operating system which is focused on using wireless Bluetooth technology. Prototype of a mobile robot is necessary for the development of the application. In this paper, Graphical user Interface based touch screen operation in the Android Application acts as a transmitter and sends commands to the receiver to control the movement of the robot either to move forward, backward and left or right. We can also operate the Robotic arm like holding, releasing an object and movement of robot hand upwards and downwards etc. Here also in this application we have a interfaced an android phone as a prototype for wireless camera so that the person controlling it can view operation of the arm and gripper remotely. Four motors are interfaced to the microcontroller where two motors are used for arm and gripper movement of the robot while the other two motors are used for the body movement. The receiver end Bluetooth device is fed to the Arduino to drive DC motors via motor driver IC.

Keywords: Android, Arduino, Pick and Place arm, Robot; RF Jammer.