Abstract: In order to help the visually challenged people, a study that helps those people to walk more confidently is proposed.The study hypothesizes a smart walking stick that alerts visually-impaired people over obstacles, and fire, water in front could help them in walking with less accident. It outlines a better navigational tool for the visually impaired. It consists of a simple walking stick equipped with sensors to give information about the environment. GPS technology is integrated with pre-programmed locations to determine the optimal route to be taken. The user can choose the location from the set of destinations stored in the memory and will lead in the correct direction of the stick. In this system, ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, GPS receiver, vibrator, voice synthesizer, speaker or headphone, PIC controller and battery are used. The overall aim of the device is to provide a convenient and safe method for the blind to overcome their difficulties in daily life.

Keywords: Blind walking stick; Distance measuring sensor; Microcontroller; Dc motor.