Abstract: The aim of this survey is to investigate whether the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) emitted from various lab equipments affects the students and employees. There is a standard threshold value recommended by WHO for both electric and magnetic fields. Electro-Magnetic Fields is emitted from high power transmission lines, computer monitor/video display unit, radio waves of different frequencies (extremely low frequency to microwaves), telecommunication, satellite, radar etc. which causes health hazards to living system and environment. There has not been much study performed in Bangladesh. The data were collected from various lab equipments and air conditioners of different textile engineering labs at Southeast University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Both threshold values of Electric and Magnetic fields were measured for various electronic equipments. Also the maximum value of the magnetic field results showed that in many cases the magnetic field radiated from the different sources are greater than the threshold limit which are the main point of our findings.

Keywords: EMF, NIR, WHO, ELF, EF, MF